Subject 5

Title: Subject 5
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action
Status: Completed

Assassins with Superpowers…They’re not your average killers.

Dr. Ludwig has kidnapped a group of 5 children with superpowers. He trains them in a secret compound until they reach adulthood. They have been broken down, trained, programmed, and most importantly…they are ready to follow orders.  The mission is simple. Hunt down and KILL people from his visions who he is convinced will destroy humanity.



Series cast summary:
Colin Walker Colin Walker
 Dr. Ludwig (1 episode)
LaQuita Cleare LaQuita Cleare
 Cyan (1 episode)
James Jolly James Jolly
 Boa (1 episode)
Xin Sarith Wuku Xin Sarith Wuku
 Ace (1 episode)
William Marquart William Marquart
 Wire (1 episode)
Chanel Marriott Chanel Marriott
 Lynx (1 episode)
Tate Birchmore Tate Birchmore
 Tommy (1 episode)
Alec Gonzalez Jacob Alec Gonzalez Jacob
 Young Wire (1 episode)
Rebecca Hirsch Rebecca Hirsch
 Young Woman (1 episode)
James Logan James Logan
 Father (1 episode)
Ratana Ratana
 Waitress (1 episode)